Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Today I got to have lunch with the author and illustrator Kevin Henkes. I was the only one who brought library books for him to sign. Which is good, because that way I didn't feel guilty making him sign four books. He even drew a little picture in one of them.

photograph of title page from Kevin Henkes book showing author's autograph

It's fun to place buried treasure for our users to uncover. Alongside the posters and promotions, we need to create opportunities to experience the pleasure of discovery. When you find something that's hidden, it makes it feel all the more like it's yours. It's part of the social nature of asynchronous events...you feel connected to other people when you find the trail of breadcrumbs that they've left behind.

Libraries are offering more and more ways for users to scribble "I WAS HERE" in the woodwork. What else can we do?


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