Monday, April 17, 2006

call for submissions

I'm done with interviews for the next little while (at least as an interviewee), but if you'd like to share, send me the questions you get asked and I'm happy to post them. Just a few guidelines...

Include the relevant details, minus the specifics (I'll take out names and places if you don't):
  • Type of position

  • Type of library (public, university, college, corporate, non profit, etc.)

  • Size (small, medium, large)

  • Setting (urban, suburban, rural)

  • Phone or in person?

  • How long did it last? (estimates are okay)

  • Number of people on the panel (job titles/roles are great if you have them)

  • If you can't remember all the questions, let me know how many were asked in total

If you include commentary:
  • Keep it brief.

  • No complaining.

  • If you're critical, make sure it's constructive criticism.

  • When in doubt, ask yourself: would other people care?

  • Focus on stuff that might help other people.


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