Thursday, March 23, 2006

Academic librarian, telephone interview (engineering)

I didn't do this one myself, either. 20 minute screening interview for an engineering librarian job at a large university. (this one made the first cut, too! best of luck!)

General Questions (15 min. max.)
  • What aspects of this position do you find most exciting and why?

  • Describe a situation, preferably in a library, in which you developed a creative solution to a problem. Include in your description any collaboration with others that was involved in implementing the solution.

  • How would you go about building relationships with faculty and students as liaison to your departments?

  • How has your current workplace changed in the time you have worked there? How have you adapted your own job priorities?

Specific Questions (5 min. max.)
  • Your resume mentions extensive public speaking experience; could you tell us about that?

  • Please describe the online reference service you've provided at [your current job at an academic library].

  • Have you been involved in any professional activities yet?


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