Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Mid-job hunt update

jobs applied for: approx. 30
interviews: 5
rejections: 11

It feels like I've applied for a lot more. Four of the interviews didn't work out (one because I couldn't start soon enough), and I'm waiting to hear from the fifth. Three of the interviews were for management positions.

The interviews have tended to be in places that are geographically closer, and the rejections are mostly from far away. More rejections on the academic side, which is interesting because I've applied for more public stuff.

I'm still fairly picky at this point, I'm looking for the magic combination of a job that interests me in a place I'd like to live. I've applied coast to coast, everything from entry level to director. If it's a big system, I apply for entry level, but if it's small, I'll shoot for more responsibility. My goal is to have something lined up before classes are over.


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