Saturday, January 14, 2006

San Antonio

It's my first Midwinter conference! I'm off to 80 degree weather on Friday. I had no idea it would be so warm, I have to completely rethink my wardrobe. How does one look professional, yet not sweaty?

If anyone wants to say hello, I'll be at the blog salon on Sunday evening. So you can recognize me, here's what I looked like at the last salon. My hair is a bit different, but you should be able to spot the glasses. I'll be the one wearing the FOR HIRE sign around my neck.

I'm keeping my schedule fairly open. I'll be volunteering at the NMRT Resume Review Service booth, but mostly I'll be lurking around the Job Placement Center. I'm also blogging for PLA. I think I'll go to the NMRT Social on Saturday evening at the Hard Rock Cafe. I can't remember, is there a nexgenlib-l gathering, too? And if I have time, I'd really like to squeeze in a visit to The Alamo. Did you know admission is free?

I tried the trip planner on the San Antonio public transit site, and it told me I need to take four buses (!!!) to get from the airport to my hotel. Don't believe them! I spent an hour figuring it all out, and if you don't mind walking a half mile or so, the #2 Blanco will be your best friend while in San Antonio. It goes right from the airport to St Mary's and Market, a few blocks from the convention center. It takes a little under an hour, and it only costs 80 cents!


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