Sunday, January 15, 2006

ALA Election Candidate Information

Here's all the info that ALA asks for election candidates to submit. Do I include this blog under publications? You'll notice I tend to come in under the word limit. Whaddaya think? It's a bit dull, but judging from the recent election debates here in Canada, I think that's how candidates are supposed to be generally. I find it a bit odd that they ask for dates of degrees. That feels like they're asking my age, which is really nobody's business. And besides, if you did the math according to normal conventions, you'd get my age wrong. My list of accomplishments and activities is a bit slim, but I feel like that's part of why I'm running in the first place. You shouldn't have to have a 25 page CV in order to participate.

EDUCATION: Please give, in this order, College/University, Graduate or other study indicating field such as MSLS followed by DATES of degrees:
Bryn Mawr College, BA 1999
Washington University in St. Louis, Graduate Fellow, 2002-2003
University of British Columbia, MLIS Candidate 2006

ALA ACTIVITIES: Please give, including DATES, in the following order: ALA Council, ALA Committees; ALA Division/Committee Offices; Round Table/Committee Offices (specify member or chairperson); representative to other groups:
memberships held: Public Library Association, Library Administration and Management Association, Young Adult Library Services Association, New Members Round Table, Social Responsibilities Round Table, and the Canadian Library Association

Offices held in state & regional library & other associations (including DATES):
Representative to the Library and Archival Studies Student Association, University of British Columbia, 2004-2005

Honors and Awards (library and non-library, including DATES):
BA received cum laude, Bryn Mawr College, 1999
Suhrkamp and Heller fellowships for graduate study in German, 2002

Briefly indicate major accomplishments that are to be included in the biographical sketch accompanying the ballot, including outstanding publications, professional contributions, etc. Please limit to NOT MORE than 175 words.
My experience in libraries includes positions at Multnomah County Library (Portland, OR), North Vancouver District Public Library (BC), and the University of British Columbia Library, in addition to collaboration with librarians at the Missouri Botanical Garden on a museum exhibition and catalog. In 2004, I received a grant from Arts in Transit (St. Louis, MO) for a community outreach project promoting public transit and urban renewal. Currently, I am an MLIS Candidate and contribute reviews of young adult and children's books to the publication Canadian Materials.
Current Word Count: 87

Statement of Professional Concerns (Council: 150 words maximum; President: 300 words maximum):
As one of the nearly 10,000 student members of ALA, I'd like to see strong student involvement throughout all levels of the association. I am a soon-to-be MLIS graduate and can provide a recent perspective on LIS education. As a resident of the west coast, I will contribute to the geographic diversity of Council. I began my career as a paraprofessional and I've worked in variety of library settings − public, academic, special, and school. I can approach the issues facing libraries from a variety of perspectives. I'm passionate about libraries, fascinated by discussions of policy, planning, and governance, and look forward to channeling my enthusiasm into service to the profession.
Current Word Count: 111


At 4:36 PM, Blogger Andrea Mercado said...

I think you should *definitely* include your blog under publications.

At 3:56 PM, Blogger Heidi Dolamore said...

alrighty, I added it.


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