Friday, February 03, 2006

Yet another teen services interview

Okay, it's a large system in a large metro area. Three person panel, roughly 30 minutes. They had some telephone issues, so I got a couple of phantom calls before we managed to establish a connection.

They started off by asking me if I'd had a chance to find out much about the library on the web (though this wasn't one of the official questions). Then they told me a bit about the job, including the salary range and their hiring timeline. Oh, and they reminded me to answer the questions as if they'd never seen my resume or application.
  • Give us an overview of your experience and education as related to young adult services.

  • Imagine you have to give book talks to two English classes, one middle school and one high school. What books or authors would you recommend?

  • How would you go about developing ideas and planning for teen programs?

  • The YA librarian works closely with the teen advisory board. How would you go about introducing yourself into the group and gaining their trust?

  • As a YA librarian, you also interact closely with parents. How would you deal with the following: a parent who thinks the subject matter of materials in the teen section is inappropriate, a parent who asks for book suggestions for a 4th grade child reading at an advanced level, and a parent of a teen who wants to attend a teen program.

  • What are the benefits of community outreach and what are some ideas you have for community outreach?

Once again, I wore my pyjamas. And just to make things exciting, I had to deal with the plumber coming into my apartment in the middle of the interview.

So, I've done enough teen librarian interviews to identify a few trends. You're going to be put on the spot to talk about some YA books, and you're going to get the angry parent/inappropriate content question. Be prepared.


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