Thursday, June 14, 2007

Yongsan Library, Seoul

Welcome to the next installment of Libraries spotted while on vacation in faraway countries. (Actually, I will admit to a thoroughly premeditated visit. Library was on the "to see" list right between palace and mega-mall.) You may remember our abbreviated tour of the Quepos library. Well, this one is much more gratifying to the library voyeur...I visited when the library was open! Our story begins in Seoul, Korea, home of the ubiquitous free internet. Really. In subway stations, post offices, and of course, the Apple store. You can see more of my vacation here.

I was actually aiming for the Namsan library, but that one was closed.

Lookie, a book drop!

The library was up a rather big hill.

When you walk in the door, it's just hallways and stairs. I wandered around for a bit thinking, where are the books?

Ahh, finally. Looks like a library, quacks like a library.

I got really excited for a minute, I thought they were using Dewey! Then I came to my senses and realized it was some other decimal system. Amazing how your brain will jump at the prospect of anything familar when you're surrounded by so much that is foreign.

My guess would be an OPAC. But then again, I thought the little rice snack with a picture of bean sprouts on the package would be vegetarian...

The place was filled with people hanging out, reading, studying. You had to put your bag in a locker before you could enter each section.

I must have looked awfully suspicious skulking around and taking photos. Eventually, I went up to the circ desk and gave them my business card. I pointed to myself and said, "Librarian!" Much smiling and head-nodding ensued.



Their comic books get a fair bit of use, too.

Wait a sec, I recognize those...


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Heidi, Happy Birthday! It is today June 18th, right?



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