Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Midwinter job interviews

It's hard to tally up how many interviews I did at Midwinter. It was more of an ongoing thing, where I could end up in an interview situation at any moment. There were some definite interviews, then some kinda sorta interviews, and a whole lot of networking and making contacts. The entire weekend was such a blur, I'm having a hard time remembering any specific questions. And being on time for the interview wasn't as much of a factor. That is to say, I was on time, but the folks I met with almost uniformly weren't. Each one lasted about half an hour. I scheduled most of the appointments after arriving in San Antonio.

I met with a fellow who had contacted me about an academic library job. This one started out with me answering questions, but the last ten or fifteen minutes was mostly him trying to sell me on the job. He asked me about the kind of job I'm looking for and more personality type questions rather than anything about specific skills. Oh, but he did ask me about my languages, and we switched over and spoke in German for a bit.

I had an appointment for an interview with one of the large public library systems who had a booth at the placement center. There were people from HR staffing the booth, but I met with one of the regional administrators. She asked about my experience/interest in working with different age groups: children, teens, adults, seniors. There were some general questions about my experience, and then she asked me to tell her what I knew about the system and to describe my ideal job. This was definitely a screening interview. I wasn't interviewing for a specific job, just making an initial contact.

I managed to meet up with someone from an academic library who I had contacted through the placement center website. He didn't really have any questions for me, it was mostly him answering my questions. I asked about the workplace, details about the job, and what they were looking for that wasn't in the job description.


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