Tuesday, October 11, 2005

E) None of the above

Hmm, what would interviews be like if they were multiple choice? Since that's not likely to happen, here's a selection from some of the questions I've been asked lately. These are from two different interviews for quite different positions, both in public libraries.

  • You're approached by an 8th grade boy, a reluctant reader, who needs to find a book to read for a school assignment. Describe what you would do to help him, and give an example of a specific book that you might recommend.

  • How do you stay informed about the newest ideas in children's services? Give an example of a new idea you've heard about recently, your opinion about it, and how you learned of it. Then, give an example of a new idea that you've implemented in a previous job.

  • What appeals to you about this position?

  • How would you deal with a group of rowdy adolescents causing a disturbance in the library?

  • How would your references describe your working style?

  • What tools do you rely on for selecting and evaluating materials?

  • Give an example of a time when you provided good customer service.

  • What online databases are you familiar with for children's reference services, which ones do you find useful, which ones do you prefer, and why?

  • Name a YA book that you've read recently and the criteria that you would use to evaluate it for inclusion in the library collection.

  • Describe your ideal children's section in a library.


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