Friday, September 16, 2005

Young upstart seeks seat on ALA council...

I've been thinking about running for ALA council ever since I emailed the chapter relations office and found out that 15% of ALA personal members are student members. In my mind, that means there should be several students on council. Jenna Freedman's reasons to run for council are almost enough to make me throw my name in the hat. I emailed someone I know on council to get her thoughts, and she was very encouraging, but she said that anyone who runs probably needs a posse to get elected.

Hmm. How does one get a posse?

While I'd be tickled pink to get elected, the little devil on my shoulder doesn't want to stop there. What if we got a posse elected?

Here's a little survey that I sent to the NexGen and NewLib lists to gauge interest. So far, folks are rather keen. Only 15 minutes and I've got 8 responses. I definitely sense a posse.

Results to follow...


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